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Partnered with United Planet, we deliver end-to-end solutions for your organisation – designing ICT as services that meet your business needs.

Intrexx is an off-the-shelf platform that offers rapid delivery of customer portals. We use it to ensure we develop your portal or service request tool and orchestrate automation tools, without endless software development.

Contact us to discover how easy it is to upgrade and automate your services and deliver them through a bespoke customer portal.

Our Service Request Tool demo shows how Infrastructure-as-a-Service can be efficiently linked to creating design artefacts and automation scripting.

Our partnership with United Planet and use of the Intrexx platform enables us to effectively deliver your service portal.

We’ve taken the Intrexx platform and used it to orchestrate and automate technology solutions outside of virtual machines and server patching.

ServiceOrchestrate is a tool built on the Intrexx platform. It ensures you have the ability to rapidly deploy changes to multiple components of a system, error free.

Illumio is a network segmentation product, it enables rapid visibility and segmentation at a very low layer. Achieving this requires knowledge of the machines in you current network. This video shows ServiceOrchestrate gathering CMDB information from on-premise and cloud environments, building a CMDB then automating the labelling of the virtual machines to fast-track an Illumio project.

Check Point already has a fantastic user interface. They’ve recently been exposing more and more functions through a RestAPI. We’ve customised ServiceOrchestrate to connect the Check Point SmartCentre and perform a couple of tasks that take seconds instead of hours. We’re not advocating replacing SmartCenter but for those repetitive and user-interactive jobs eg adding comments to a policy review, ServiceOrchestrate can save time and money.

Let’s be clear, ServiceOrchestrate is not a cloud-broker; it could be, but there are other products available, and we don’t believe it’s a good idea to replicate any cloud or virtualisation platform’s management consoles. There are, though, lots of tasks where ServiceOrchestrate can support your cloud deployments. In this video we connect to Azure and an on-premise VMware environment, pull usage statistics and create a consolidated billing report from an Azure and a VMware ratecard.

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