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Sometimes you need a rapid outcome or access to an expert for the duration of a complex IT project. This is the benefit of Respiro.

We provide the best IT infrastructure architects in the market on a short or part-time basis to ensure you have the capabilities to deliver infrastructure projects.

Strategy and architecture
Whether you’re managing a data centre, hosting, cloud or network strategy, we can develop or facilitate ICT architecture and deliver strategy planning for how you achieve optimum use of the environment.

Solution design and implementation
From network and security, to cloud and hosting design, we’ll support your staff or deliver whole work packages. By linking all design work to your strategy, we have no vendor bias and will look for the most efficient deployment model for you.

IT service designs
Moving your existing managed services to as-a-service models requires experience and expertise across the technology stack, business cost model, sales strategy and delivery methods. We have that experience. Alongside our Respiro Solutions channel, which can deliver end-to-end Service Portals, we can help you transform your ICT to a service model.

Design reviews
Engage us on a flexible basis to review existing or planned environment change. With our breadth of experience, we can rapidly understand your infrastructure and quickly add value.

Get in touch to discover how we can add value by filling your skills gaps.

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