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Digitisation: Delivering public works and engineering services to Australasia

With the expert consultancy and guidance from one of United Planet’s partners in Australia, Respiro, IPWEA first began developing a portal with Intrexx in late 2018. Nine months later, IPWEA began admitting users on training courses established with the portal and, with the 300 test-users’ positive feedback, the product officially launched early in 2020. The low-code platform is responsible for actualizing an asset management planning portal: NAMS+, the official designation for IPWEA’s suite of asset management tools for government and utility organizations. Before Intrexx, these asset management tools previously existed in an older excel spreadsheet and access database system. As IPWEA continued to expand and enter cross-continent land, however, it became necessary to not only update this process, but there needed to be a solution for translating the data into different languages as well. Updating the old system was simply not possible without a costly investment in development, and adding multiple languages into the mix posed a lengthy conundrum. Hence, Intrexx: the flexible, innovative, multi-lingual, and scalable solution that built NAMS+ with low-code development.

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