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Automation: the scourge of mankind

Automation, the scourge of mankind, the cause of mass unemployment and the rise of the robots that will take over the planet or, just further steps to improve productivity and efficiency. We’re not sure which but the latter is certainly possible.

We have strong views on how to go about automating and orchestrating your world and will happily bore people senseless if they let us. But let us present a few thoughts here for now:

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If the software product you have or use can already automate a task, why not use it to do it.

2. Consider where the real time savings are. The steps to document, request and approve a service are often far more time consuming than the build of a virtual product, have you considered how you orchestrate these steps.

3. Have you documented your current workflow? You will not succeed until you have understood and documented your delivery workflow.

4. Consider the data model. Orchestration typically involves the seamless automation of tasks across different systems. Unless you have a way of linking the data objects between the systems you will find it very, very difficult.

5. Consider how you orchestrate these tasks. Can anyone else understand how they have been deployed or have you created a risk to your organisation.

Having conquered all these, how do you start? Well, we believe the answer is to use a digital platform that is customisable out-of-the-box, flexible, has all the workflow and design tools you need and very importantly has a very affordable license model. A standard platform that is easy to use makes it repeatable and can be supported across multiple people.

We believe you should consider the end-to-end workflow of your service and consider the whole of the chain in delivering the service; automate the service document request and creation, automate the change and release management process, automate all the tasks that get forgotten about but make for an efficient and stable environment.

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