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Automating Check Point management processes with ServiceOrchestrate

We don’t recommend trying to replicate Check Point’s SmartConsole management GUI, it is very comprehensive and having spent time at their offices in Tel Aviv we know how much consideration goes into it. There are though reasons for presenting tasks to a user outside of SmartConsole, say you want to provide some functionality to a Service Desk or some limited function to your customers. Check Point’s API enables the execution of tasks without accessing SmartConsole. We have built a small demo with our ServiceOrchestrate platform giving users the ability to synchronise multiple hosts in their CMDB up to the Check Point management server. There are lots more things we can do and the low code platform (Intrexx) that ServiceOrchestrate is built on means we can rapidly build and deliver them. If you have any automation or orchestration scenarios you’d like to see then let us know.

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