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Automating network segmentation with Illumio

We have been working with Illumio for a couple of years now. For those that don’t know, Illumio is a network segmentation product with an excellent UI for identifying and deploying segmentation without major structural changes in your network.

Achieving segmentation still requires knowledge of the machines in your network. With our ServiceOrcehstrate tool on the Intrexx platform we built a demo to show some easy integration with the Illumio API and to take this integration to digitise processes and simplify the IT workflow. This video shows ServiceOrchestrate gathering CMDB information from on-premise and cloud environments, building a CMDB then automating the labelling of the virtual machines to fast-track an Illumio project.

We’ll have another demo video soon showing a more complex integration with other environments that should demonstrate the power of digitising process across tools to orchestrate and automate cybersecurity protection.

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