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The end of repetition in IT?

Through our years of working with customers to deploy infrastructure and systems, it ‘s become increasingly apparent that the ability to truly understand a portion of a solution and how it interfaces with other pieces of the puzzle has become a lost art. Different teams within an organisation are responsible for different components of the system, hence they have a micro view—only concerned with their responsibilities and demonstrating they’ve completed “their tasks” when making provisioning changes to the system.

With the need to rapidly deploy ever-changing systems, components and interfaces are either not documented or mis-documented in the rush. For this reason, we started discussing the importance of “service patterns”— until this time another IT “buzz” term. It wasn’t until we found customers heading to the cloud, assuming everything would work on day one, and that their existing systems and processes would easily map into this less controlled environment, that we understood the importance of “service patterns”.

So we created ServiceOrchestrate.

Built on the Intrexx platform, ServiceOrchestrate aids in rapid deployment of changes to multiple components of a system, error free. By breaking your environment into “patterns” that mix the technologies of the system, Service Orchestrate can automate the provisioning process, eliminating configuration errors while speeding up deployment times. Being based on the Intrexx platform, ServiceOrchestrate can be further enhanced “in-house” by your development teams or under consultancy engagements by our team at Respiro.

We’re excited by our ServiceOrchestrate offering and believe it can help organisations eliminate the repetitive tasks that bog down their IT. Stay tuned for further blogs where we will describe some of the challenges we have seen organisations facing and how ServiceOrchestrate can help to alleviate them.

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